Bodegas Romale

Wines & Cavas to delight your senses

The essence of a land that caresses your palate

Bodegas Romale


The aromas of our winery

The cellar is the space where the nuances of the grapes come to the surface telling their story through smell and where the wood of our barrels

through the sense of smell and where the wood of our barrels gives its stamp, it is the space where the wine acquires its personality...

where the wine acquires its personality...

Bodegas Romale
Bodegas Romale


The feel of fertile soil.

Tierra de Barros is the environment where we were born, tinged with red passion,

nourished by a warm and generous sun in summer, caressed by soft and cold breezes in winter,

a land of intense sensations that marks our character...

Bodegas Romale


Savor the nuances as one listens to a melody

In each of our wines and cavas, there is an experience for your senses,

a story that is written every time you uncork a bottle.

For every occasion, every moment, there is a glass to enjoy...

Bodegas Romale
Bodegas Romale


See the birth of a great wine with your own eyes

The walls of our cellar are full of stories, the atmosphere full of sensations,

spaces where innovation and tradition go hand in hand.

Visiting Bodegas Romale is a journey for your senses, and that journey begins here...

Bodegas Romale


Listening to the voice of experience

Tierra de Barros is a region that has been dedicated to wine since time immemorial.

Bodegas Romale has been drinking from this history since its origin.

Today, we look to the future with the eyes of innovation, maintaining the winemaking tradition hand in hand with the technology...

Bodegas Romale
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